110perCEB Ltd. is based in London. Created by Manuel Díaz Cebrían, to give guidance in the development of products and services in the areas of Travel and Tourism, Culture, Gastronomy and Industrial Design. With our strategic partners throughout Europe and Mexico we create and develop ideas, execute all aspects of a project and formulate strategies that will help your company succeed through obtaining optimal results.


About Manuel

His passion and love for Mexico, his native country, lead him to become the Regional Director of Tourism for Europe and Emerging Markets for the Mexico Ministry of Tourism for 12 years, based in London. Through his innovative and creative ways to promote Mexico, he rebranded Mexico not only as a beach destination but a country rich in culture, gastronomy, art and design. While showcasing contemporary Mexico to new audiences, he never lost sight of the importance of the past and traditions.

In 2016, for his many years of service abroad contributing to the increase of visitors and awareness of Mexico, Manuel and 110perCEB Ltd. were awarded the prestigious XXVII Premio a la Excelencia Turistica “Miguel Aleman Valdes” given yearly by La Fundacion Miguel Aleman, A. C. based in Mexico.

Since founding the company, 110perCEB Ltd has successfully expanded into such areas as gastronomy, design and sustainability.

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